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Jets take Garrett Wilson at 10th overall


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46 minutes ago, TheChad said:

I had a bad feeling we were going to wait until the second to get a WR and miss out on all the great ones.

So happy that we didn't.

Me too, I was getting worried. I knew that this 10th slot was the sweet spot for a WR before they all started flying off.  

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8 hours ago, KimuraGod said:

We all know he’s a master route runner and has great hands but I didn’t know he had the 4.3 speed too. 🔥🔥

He is a perfect fit for our offense too. He can be utilized in a variety of ways. We love doing motions and handoffs, you can have him doing jet sweeps and Deebo type stuff as well. He is a strong runner and quick feet.  Davis, Moore, Wilson, Berrios is a good group of WRs. Its amazing what a difference in 2 years. I have never once during Joe Douglas tenor here thought he was incompetent, like the Jets have finally gotten a front office that is competent and understands how to put a team together. We were just in such a bad place after Macccagnan.  The Jets are going to make the playoffs very soon, this team is becoming young and talented quickly.  It all rides on Zach Wilson, please for the love of God can this man take a leap forward and become the QB we all been hoping for. 

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