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With the 18th pick the Titans select Treylon Burks


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All the asterisks aside, Burks is a great pick. I thought he was one of those guys that jumped off the tape, and Arkansas was way better than expected largely because of him.

Plus, he should be able to do a lot of the stuff AJ did in our offense because they’re so similar from a height/weight/speed perspective.

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No dog in this fight, but using the pick on Treylon Burks is not bad at all. By all accounts you get a younger (likely healthier) version of AJ Brown. At least positionally you addressed him leaving. Ravens fans should be much more disgruntled.  

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14 minutes ago, MdTitansFan56 said:

I feel terrible for Burks... pre-draft fans would have loved him. Many said this is exactly who they wanted. Post draft they are going to measure everything to AJ. As soon as he makes 1 mistake the mobs will be lighting the torches. Horrible situation for a guy to enter. 


I've never been less excited for what seems to be a very exciting player

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Man I'm not sold on Burks. I didn't study this draft like I usually do but Burks was one of my least favorite prospects for the Titans. He is a good player but he has so many schemed up touches and Todd Downing is not a creative play designer. I think his 40 is fine but that 3 cone is ugly. I don't know guys. I'm not there yet

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