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#12 pick in 2022 NFL draft- Jameson Williams, WR

Louis Friend

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If you told me we walked away from this draft with Hutch, Hamilton, a 2nd round pick and we only lost 66 I'd tell you this was a great draft.  If you tell me we could have had that but we went this route...eh not thrilled.  I'm going to watch more Williams.  I've only watched a little but I'm always apprehensive about thin WR with somewhat suspect hands(and with a late season (the latest) ACL).  I'll dig in more and see if I change my mind by tomorrow.

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It was a decent trade. We got a really good player but I’m not usually a fan of giving up picks to move up.  Will be interested in seeing what we do with 46 so depending on that, I’ll be ok with it.  Seeing Dean and Lloyd still hanging around I would have been ok staying put and moving up when one of them goes. 

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11 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:

I don't mind the trade, at all. I would have moved up for London, but Williams is a good WR as well, and we saw the run on WRs. Lions did well to secure their guy. 


Williams, Chark, ARSB, Reynolds, Cephus/Raymond is a good WR room all of a sudden. 

I'd rather have Watson or Pickens and 34 and 66 if I had to take a WR

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Just now, Millenhater said:

I'd rather have Watson or Pickens and 34 and 66 than Williams and 46.

I'd rather have Cine, Watson or Pickens plus 66 than Williams and 46.  It's not the end of the world but it's not great to me.  If i'm being honest i'd rather have Hutch, Hamilton, and 46.  You tell me I get that and i'm taking that all day everyday.  No question.

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