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Vikings Select Lewis Cine Safety Georgia at #32


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17 minutes ago, SemperFeist said:

Money had nothing to do with the trade. That’s just asinine. 

I don't know about that. Someone posted a tweet here earlier today that showed a chart of $APY on the Y and draft position on the X axis. The argument is that the better value is the picks in the range the team traded to. I don't know if that is the case, but that value is about money. I don't see it as asinine to suspect an analytics guy would factor that it. I would be more surprised to learn that an analytics guy with an economics background didn't factor in that value. It's real.

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9 hours ago, vikingsrule said:

I have no issue with the player. Even if they threw in another fourth round pick, the trade would be more tolerable. Just seems they left a lot on the table which makes me wonder why they were so desperate to move down? Or is the value in having the second pick on day two?

I would be willing to guess they’re data shows all the value being day 2.

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If he's like what I think he will be, Cine will probably get a new deal prior to the 5th year. But anyways, do you guys want to see a NFL hack?

2022 NFL franchise tag values, per the league
  • Quarterback: $29.70 million.
  • Defensive end: $17.86 million.
  • Wide receiver: $18.42 million.
  • Linebacker: $18.70 million.
  • Cornerback: $17.29 million.
  • Defensive tackle: $17.40 million.
  • Offensive line: $16.66 million.
  • Safety: $12.91 million.



we have been groomed to believe safeties are not premium positions. It is only half right. In the box, run defending safeties that have no coverage skills and are liabilities in deep alignments have very little value. BUT, safeties that can be coverage monsters, can play the 2 deep shell, can effect the passing game in an elite way, ARE premium positions. 

The NFL Franchise tag can be hacked. It doesn't differentiate between OL positions and doesn't take into account different types of safeties.

The surplus value of an elite coverage safety is undervalued with the franchise tag. So if it ever comes to that, that's just another positive from the Cine pick at 32 based on the type of defender traits he has. 

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