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Round 2 Pick 34; Christian Watson, WR, NDSU


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Idk if you guys watch NDSU but their QB before they benched him was like NFL Tebow bad.

The other guy is a young noodle arm..

We can talk about comp level but he didn't get help and that's not even talking about the damn offense that run

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1 minute ago, packfanfb said:

Just being honest. Watson is a futures pick IMO. He basically needs to learn how to play WR still.

Good thing we have Cobb, Watkins and Lazard who will play a lot of receiver for us.

This was the move IMO. We may add one more guy, but it's not like we're going to offer our 23 1st and 2nd for Deebo next week.

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2 minutes ago, CWood21 said:

Nothing you don't think you can fix.  He improved drops tremendously, but it was a HUGE issue early in his career.  And he turns 23 years old in a few weeks.

IDC about the age ****. Thought the drops went down the last year or some thing?

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Just now, Tperk said:

I thought I read one scout said he hadn't seen ability like Watson since Moss. Whether that is just one persons opinion or more than a few share those thoughts, I like it alot.

That's insane. That's over the top

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