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Round 2 Pick 34; Christian Watson, WR, NDSU


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6 minutes ago, deltarich87 said:


Tile in the living room covere by a huge rug. idk.. a little bland.

Is the blue starfish like a blue waffle. What kind of character we got here.

Foosball table in the entry way gives me lake cabin vibes.

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30 minutes ago, Norm said:

Everyone went FCS and NAIA all jumped. I watch D2 football still but yikes, it's nothing like it was when I was growing up. They got kids around here who suck **** getting schollies left and right at them now.

But yeah I almost used the ten years part in my last post actually. You're dead on.

It's actually kind of sad how bad D2 is now. 

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1 minute ago, R T said:

The last 5 WR's drafted in the 2nd round by the Packers. 

2022 - Christian Watson

2014 - Davante Adams

2011 - Randall Cobb

2008 - Jordy Nelson

2006 - Greg Jennings

Jennings:  College dominator = 46.5%  Speed score 100.9

Nelson:  College Dominator = 49.6%  speed score 107.8

Cobb:  College Dominator = 28.2%   speed score 93.1

Adams:  College Dominator = 40.7%  speed score 98.1

Watson:  College Dominator = 44.0% speed score 119.9


Traits that bode well for production at the next level


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not a fan of this one on first reaction - especially with the trade. but no doubt this is a huge upside pick. if he puts it together, we'll be saying how the hell did this guy fall so far.

I seem to remember he's a bit of a character to like as well. going around shirtless in the snow. should fit in well here.

anyway, I got trust in the guys in our office who know more than me.

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