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Pick 35 Titans Select Roger McCreary


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Just now, 615finest said:

Farley insurance? I mean I guess it’s better then having Jackson out there..

does he return kicks or anything 

He's a physically limited corner that has an aggresive and physical mentality.

So fits the Titans profile. But is it worth a high 2nd? Absolutely not.

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Our pass defense was also the bottom half of the league. We lost Jenkins so CB was still a need. McCreary is more athletic nickel CB than Molden. Molden doesn’t have the long speed to match up with every nickel CB. 

And like I said before, this team doesn’t value receiver after you get past the top 2. 

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4 minutes ago, TitanLegend said:

I assume he's the Cruikshank replacement/our new TE coverage guy.

Not really his skill set tho. Dane was big fast but lacked skill and nuance. McCreary is a small (probably some of the shortest arms in the NFL for a CB) who has great man cover technique. Idk man

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