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Pick 35 Titans Select Roger McCreary


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9 minutes ago, Justin615$ said:

I hated the pick in the moment but now I completely understand it and even like it lol probably why I try to not message right away when anything good or bad happens. Takes my brain a little while to process it lol

I get it 😂 fans do that we think with our emotions vs rational & what makes sense for the team. I love this pick dude is stud, Jameson Williams said he was the best CB he faced last yr. I pray Farley & Fulton have a healthy full season 

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I get the idea of taking Sky Moore maybe in the 2nd round to give us a more complete WR group but ...... we got Philips in the 5th.  So we got a 3rd WR to play slot AND a shut down CB.  Makes sense to me.  We have depth and when everyone is healthy we have 4 CBs we can scheme to stop almost anyone along with a top pass rush.  No complaints here from me.  We even got a nice fit at RB to spell Henry and a Jannu Smith like TE.  No complaints here if Frere works out.  We had other options at OT I might have liked better but we shall see.  

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