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🏈 Raiders select with pick #90: G Dylan Parham

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  • RaidersAreOne changed the title to 🏈 Raiders select with pick #90: G Dylan Parham
Highly experienced guard prospect who helped open running lanes for backs who went on to play in the NFL. Parham falls below NFL size standards for the position but is very densely layered and plays with sound technique and above-average body control into and through contact. He's a task-oriented blocker who is much better at firing out than playing on the move and his success could be linked to the rushing scheme he lands in. Below-average mirror quickness and overall length are exploitable holes in his pass protection and could cause up-and-down play in that area. Parham can step in as a backup at both guard spots and has a shot to become a starter within his first three years.
  • Four-year starter who can play either guard spot.
  • Broad chest and hips with proportional length and big hands.
  • Uses balanced, choppy settle steps into his block.
  • Unlocks hips and pushes the sled.
  • Clear processor who's able to adjust assignments on the go.
  • Acutely aware of his second-level target and the path to get him.
  • Punch-ready hands on a wide base in pass sets.
  • Maintains poise and feel for rusher during scramble situations.
  • Recovers and gets his man redirected around the QB when beaten.
  • Looks out for both gaps and helps the man next to him.
  • Adequate anchor to counter a bull rush.
  • Feels like a small guard from a mass standpoint.
  • Labored and heavy getting into pull-blocking duties.
  • Could struggle preventing NFL three-techniques from crossing his face.
  • Might need to linger on secure block a little longer before climbing.
  • Allows pass rushers openings into his frame pre-punch.
  • Average athleticism to mirror athletic interior rusher.
  • Needs to slide feet rather than reach to squeeze A or B gaps.
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2 minutes ago, Jeremy408 said:

He can play what you need in a pinch and he's an effort guy. Text book patriots player

stop with the pats stuff please. Pats really would of never traded for.adams. this aint the pats and ill vomit at mention

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STRENGTHS: Fires from a low position to establish leverage ... shows natural knee bend, core strength and balance in his pass sets ... coordinated hand exchange to reset and answer different types of rushers ... has the patience and timing to handle blitzers from depth or find late pressures ... rolls his hips into contact and runs his feet to control his man ... agile, efficient puller who operates well in space to execute blocks 10 yards downfield ... finds work at the second level and on combinations ... his coaches say he developed more of a mean streak as a senior ... added almost 85 pounds since enrolling at Memphis ... versatile experience with double-digit starts at three different positions (left guard, right guard, right tackle) ... durable and started all 51 games the past four seasons.

WEAKNESSES: Will be deemed undersized by several NFL teams ... his length is average ... light in the pants and can get knocked off his feet by angle blocks ... his ability to anchor is founded more on leverage than base strength ... plays on overdrive at times, losing control ... shows the bad habit of leaning hard on blocks and finding himself hunched and off-balanced ... tends to arrive too early on zone blocks and needs to be more precise with his angles and timing ... looks to get a head start, and he had multiple false starts on the tapes studied ... doesn’t have any in-game playing experience at center.

SUMMARY: A four-year starter at Memphis, Parham was the starting right guard in head coach Ryan Silverfield’s RPO-based, multiple offense. A tight end and linebacker in high school, he moved to the offensive line in 2018 and started all 51 games (split between left guard, right guard and right tackle) the past four years, blocking for future NFL backs like Darrell Henderson, Tony Pollard and Kenneth Gainwell. Parham is extremely quick off the ball with the mobility to get out in space and the core strength to latch and drive opponents at the line of scrimmage. He lacks ideal length and can be overpowered at times, but he strikes with a flexible coil and developed nasty streak. Overall, Parham can play too fast at times and loses his bearings, but he has excellent movement skills and understands how to out- leverage defenders and sustain the point of attack. He has the talent level to provide immediate interior depth for an NFL team and compete for a starting job, projecting best at center.



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Not a flashy pick but a kind of Patriots style pick I think. Like the aggressive streak which IMO all interior OL should have. He should be a starter or close to starter pretty quickly though there's some part of me that thinks we should have traded up instead of down for Dean.

Another positive is Dylan is a very good Welsh name and means 'Son of the Sea' roughly translated 😀

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1 minute ago, NYRaider said:

Going to be our starting center going forward.

Didn’t play a single college snap at C though? I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of Andre the first handful of games or so last year but wasn’t he graded out as a top 8-10 C over the last 6-8 games of the year or so? 

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