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Day 3 of Draft: Discussion and Projections


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42 minutes ago, Bigbear72 said:

Okay guys. After taking the night and this morning to sit and analyze our draft and off season thus far, I had a thought. I know this is contrary to what our off season philosophy is but maybe Poles feels that considering the resources that we have available that the biggest impact that could be made to improve the team this year was to improve our inefficiencies on defense rather than on offense. The resource needed to make a big impact on offense are going to be considerable so rather than spending those resources on a couple of impact players on offense he felt that we could spend those resources on defense on more positions and have plug an play players on day one. Maybe he wanted to solidify one side of the ball and will attack the other side of the ball when he has much more ammo to throw at it. I'm not sure how much I agree with this but maybe this is how he is looking at it.

No.  At least not according to him.

Poles said he was staying disciplined and true to his board.  

He said drafting need is a mistake. 

He is going BPA, his BPA.  I admire it.  Obviously I have been critical of him and positive.   But I admire the philosophy and agree with it.  

The draft part of his GM philosophy anyway.  Not that I agree with all picks, but the philosophy I agree with.  

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3 minutes ago, beardown3231 said:

He's a really really good route runner

Obviously you don't last until 148 unless you have some issues though

Yep. And I love good route runners. 

But I can’t remember who said it (sooo many posts this weekend ) but I think they nailed it. We are going with the Chiefs plan, find specific hard to find traits. 

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