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NFL Draft Day 3 GDT- y'all got any more of those RBs?


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Was out last night, just caught up with the draft today...

Niners have largely kept up with their trends. 

We've used four 1st or 2nd day picks on DL since 2017 (Thomas, Bosa, Kinlaw, Jackson). We are going to be letting go of 1-2 quality DL. Hopefully we can get flip one for a 2023 late rounder at least

We've used four 1st or 2nd day picks on WR since 2017 (Pettis, Samuel, Aiyuk, Green)

Shanny again showing he seems to prioritize the T & C over G's. Trent Williams was given a massive deal, McGlinchey drafted in the top 10, Richburg & Mack given good FA deals. We've never really made a splash at G outside of Banks. Elected to let Tomlinson walk over paying him good money

Shanny also again trying to collect all the RB's like Thanos collect infinity stones. Big deal to McKinnon, 3rd round picks on Sermon & Davis-Price, 4th rounder on Joe Williams. Can't wait for the inevitiable late round or UDFA RB to outplay our higher drafted RB for the 3rd time since 2017 lol

We largely stock the Secondary with bargain bin FA's & mid-round FA's. We're doing that again even with a need at SS. Although we did sign Charvarius Ward to a big deal. The highest drafted DB in the Shanny era is Akhello Witherspoon

I still want OL, TE, & DB

FA wise, i want RB Justin Jackson & re-sign S Tartt. Sign C JC Tretter if Mack retires


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4 minutes ago, Forge said:

I'm guessing the safety we target is O'Neal. Very meh for be. Think he's a 7th-udfa type

If we take him with our 7th I’ll be fine with it, but I would prefer McKinley or Bell first. Some good corners still available too - Tariq Castro 

Just read that Tariq has played nickel too, so yes plz 

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