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134- Spencer Burford, UTSA


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1 minute ago, Forge said:

It's actually interesting to see how we are not drafting athletic darlings on the offensive line how you would expect. Moore was a 7.5. Banks a 7.2. 

I just watched some of his stuff but he can really move. I don't get why he didn't test better but dude definitely looks more athletic than Banks. 

I would try him at tackle first. Very good movement skills and just hope he can add some strength and be just as quick. 

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I liked Burford as a mid round flier. He reminded me a lot of Zach Tom. Both shorter, leaner guys with long arms for their height. Both set pretty quick on a 45. Burford is a more mediocre athlete in short areas, but he makes up for it by having crazy long damn near 35" arms. Dude ate up Egnabare's long arm in Senior Bowl reps. He's incredibly powerful for his weight with those arms and the low center of gravity. Could definitely hope reasonably that he could take over for McGlinchey after a year of seasoning.

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He's a little aloof when finding targets in space but he has ability to thrive in a zone scheme. His practice reps in the Senior Bowl shows he has ability though not always consistent with it. I prefer my OTs with a little more athletic ability but he still has room from a technical side to be much better down the road and negate what he lacks in fluidity.

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