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Round 5 Pick 150: DT Thomas Booker


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How NFL Draft Prospect Thomas Booker Became 'A Jack Of All Trades' Thanks  To Gilman - PressBox




Defensive tackle with pretty good flashes but a lack of consistency that can be frustrating to watch. Booker has a thick frame and pretty good upper-body power but is unable to plant a post leg and hold his ground against edge pressure or double teams. He's strong enough to punch and separate but arm length might be the culprit in his inability to rid himself of blocks on a consistent basis. He's a decent athlete with some rush potential and could be a rotational player for a team employing multiple fronts.


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1 hour ago, lumberjackchris said:


Lot of RAS/PFF darlings in this draft - Pitre, Metchie, Harris, Pierce and Booker are physically more imposing/athletic than anticipated. Some good coaching and development and you’ll probably have great ancillary parts to a young core of stars, with possibly 1-2 overachieving their draft slot.

Foundational role players are vital, I think each guy is going to have a key role to play in 2-4 years.

There’s a lot to be excited about over the last three days. This is how a team with vision operates.

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1 hour ago, Pastor Dillon said:

i've seen a lot of guys look like this and not be able to play dead in a war movie


Perhaps the biggest non-QB bust in league history looked like he was carved out of granite.


Meanwhile… one of the greatest football players to ever exist looked like he was molded out of cookie dough.

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