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🏈 Raiders select with pick #175: DT Matthew Butler


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Defensive lineman who isn't a pure one-gapper or two-gapper, but has enough play strength and athleticism to operate in either capacity. Butler plays more stoutly than his top-heavy frame might indicate. His blend of body control and grit allow him to reverse course against block sustain and get back into the play. He's not overly explosive up the field but has enough edge rush and secondary effort to become a nuisance from time to time. Butler should step into a rotational role early in his career before competing for a spot as a starting three-technique for a 4-3 unit.
  • Put impressive tape together against Alabama.
  • Plays with athletic movements and bend.
  • Capable to stack and shed versus single blocks.
  • Range and motor will have him in on the action.
  • Lateral quickness to capture the edge and disrupt zone blocks.
  • Maintains gap integrity with steady base through lateral engagements.
  • Secondary effort makes him tough to sustain and finish for blockers.
  • Athletic ability creates rush opportunities on twists.
  • Charges in to force anchor and then works to an edge.
  • Rushes with body control and good change of direction.
  • Lacks desired girth in his lower body.
  • Failed to make much impact against Georgia's mauling front.
  • Balance can waiver when his base narrows.
  • Needs a better feel and take-on against edge blocks.
  • Lack of separation length shows up at times.
  • Average upfield burst to set the tone with his rush.
  • Needs to get to his counters more quickly.
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STRENGTHS: Comes off the ball with quickness and pad level ... displays the body control to peel off contact and be a pain for blockers ... able to finagle his way through traffic, clawing to the pocket ... flashes a little extra juice to close when he has the ball in his crosshairs ... plays with developed block recognition and won’t take himself out of the play (Tennessee DL coach Rodney Garner: “He’s probably the smartest guy I’ve ever coach, by far.”) ... rangy lineman capable of varying his stunts and lining up across the line ... consistent motor and competitive playing temperament ... team captain with leadership intangibles.

WEAKNESSES: Average thickness and length for interior work in the NFL ... relies more on effort than a detailed attack vs. the run and pass ... needs to unlock his counters more efficiently ... improved timing and technique should boost his mediocre stack-and-shed skills ... his play strength is average at best and there is room for improvements ... needs to show a better feel for down blocks ... his backfield visits were too sporadic in college, which is represented by his below average production in enemy territory ... failed to reach double-digit sacks in his career.

SUMMARY: A three-year starter at Tennessee, Butler lined up at three-technique over the B gap in defensive coordinator Tim Banks’ multiple front. His career in Knoxville spanned three different head coaches and numerous defensive assistants, but he was one of the few constants for the Vols’ defense because of his leadership and steady play. Butler shows the lateral movements and smarts to play ahead of blocks and leverage gaps in the run game. If the quarterback holds the ball, Butler will eventually find him, but he didn’t produce many quick wins as a pass rusher on tape and his low sack total isn’t deceiving. Overall, Butler has functional athleticism and a dependable play style, but the on-field results have been average and it is a stretch to think that will change vs. NFL competition. He can be a rotational three-technique and fit multiple schemes.



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9 minutes ago, jrry32 said:

Matthew Butler is a great pick. Versatile DL who does the dirty work well.


9 minutes ago, goldfishwars said:

Raiders have taken some good players with what they have, Butler is good


6 minutes ago, jrry32 said:

He should have gone in the late 3rd to mid 4th imo. Intelligent pass rush approach with good hand usage. Active run stuffer who can anchor and finds the ball well. He's just a smart, polished player with solid physical talent. He's not the next Aaron Donald, but I think he'll be a solid player on the DL. Plus, he's versatile enough to rotate in at 5T, 3T, and 1T.

From our local draft gurus.

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