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Round 8 - UDFA


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As always, feel free to post information about UDFA's in this thread.

I hope we can sign / land UDFAs like the following (will remove if they end up getting drafted since we're still in the 6th round!)

QB EJ Perry (Eagles)

RB Master Teague III (Bears)

FB Zander Horvath (7th to Chargers)

WR Kevin Austin, Jr. (Jags 😩),  Isaiah Weston (Browns), Dareke Young (SEA in 7th)

TE Jalen Wydermyer (Bills)

OT Ryan Van Demark (Colts 😩)

IOL Tanner Owen

Edge Sam Okuayinonu (Titans 😩)

3-Tech Matt Henningsen (DEN in 6th - literally went as I was posting this after our last pick)

1-Tech NT Timothy Horne 

LB  Cameron Goode (MIA in 7th - was a personal fav & from Spring!), Jeremiah Moon (Ravens)

CB Dallis Flowers (Colts 😩)

K Cameron Dicker (Rams)


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27 minutes ago, Blaze said:

Would love it & hope he plays QB.

I can buy into this as well. Play him like New Orleans plays Taysom Hill. 

Edit: This being said, if we’re bringing in a QB as a UDFA, I want Carson Strong. Put him on the PS to learn in meetings and on the practice field, see if he can improve on his flaws and can grow into some of tools.

His arm talent is 1st round quality, can make throws that many of the marquee names in this draft can’t make (not saying much, the marquee names in this draft aren’t that good - but I digress). Strong is a lump of coal that can be pressured into a diamond in the rough, he’s got all the tools to turn into a legitimate franchise QB - someone just needs to build up his foundation from the beginning.

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So, I’ll spend a few minutes going over my wish list following the draft picks (bold are priority guys - go and get them Caserio):

QB: Strong, King

RB: Abram Smith, Sincere McCormack.

WR: Justyn Ross, Kevin Austin Jr

TE: Jalen Wydermyer

OL: Josh Sills, Xavier Newman-Johnson

DE/Edge: Keir Thomas, Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa

DT: Jayden Peevy

LB: Jack Sanborn

DB: Nolan Turner, Smoke Monday, Joshua Jobe, Josh Thompson.

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