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#221 - Tariq Castro-Fields, CB PSU


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10 minutes ago, John232 said:

Crocky very big on Castro Fields. Thinks he’s a better prospect than Castro-Fields

Are there two Castro-Fields or something????

Lol, he does seem to have very nice measurables. I heard some saying he could play some safety? Is that the plan? 

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On 4/30/2022 at 3:14 PM, 757-NINER said:

Meh. If he's moving to safety, I'm intrigued. If not, seems to have STs written all over him.

I think there's a decent chance he could end up a safety. I could also see Womack ending up in a star position situation

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7 hours ago, 9erFreak77 said:

Don’t like how he got burned on double moves so often. His time playing CB in zone may help him transfer over to safety but im kind of meh on this pick.

IMO, he looked better in space. The press aspect of his game that this particular draftnik liked, I thought was just him being athletic enough to get away with shotty technique alot. He has size and length but I didn't think he was very fluid...a little choppy with his steps in recovery. Definitely don't think he was better than Thomas in terms press-man. He's more well rounded than Thomas, who played press-man like 90% of the time. But he also should be, as he's 24 year old who played five seasons of college ball.

I really had hoped that they saw him more as a safety but his tackling IS a big concern. He was aggressive, in and around the box, which is why I thought he could transition to safety. But as the guy in the video stated, it's extremely rare to become a better tackler this late in the game. He's a project at this point for me.  

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