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Undrafted Free Agents Thread


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5 hours ago, SteelKing728 said:

We spent a 1st and a 4th on one though lol

"We" = Previous regime in a panic move to attempt to salvage the season from disaster before it began. Also was on a dude who at least had proven something at the NFL level with legitimate arm talent. Considering how it worked out, one could argue its a lesson of caution for such situations as well (both in the permanent knee issues and the price of a panic maneuver).

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On 4/30/2022 at 8:40 PM, SouthernViking said:


Chris Tomasson


Source says that undrafted Virginia Tech WR Tre Turner is now going to the Las Vegas Raiders to sign instead of the #Vikings. Source said that Turner will get $40,000 total guaranteed with the Raiders while Vikings had offered $2,500. Vikings have been informed he's not signing.

Given the offer difference I dont really blame him for taking the Raiders deal... I also understand the Vikings not making a big guarantee to a guy who wasnt likely to be more than a camp body/practice squad player. JJ, Thielen, Osborn, Johnson, ISM, and Nailor are probably the locks for the 53 man squad, so I dont see much chance for Turner to make it here.

From his highlights I can at least say I did like his burst and speed, but didnt offer the same catch radius downfield that I think Nailor offers while still providing the same speed talent in my opinion.

The EDGE guys in Vilain and McCloud will be interesting to watch in the preseason as they both seemed to have gotten some pretty solid guaranteed money, so I expect the team has a real interest in keeping them around. I think with Hunter and Z.Smith we know who the starters are and at this point between the existing roster depth of Robinson, Wonnum and Jones II, along with those 2 UDFA's they're throwing a lot of athletic competition at the position and hoping to find a gem amongst them.


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3 hours ago, solidvikingfan said:

Wonder why this one took a couple days later to sign?

Anyhow special teams battles at punter and kicker.

Probably because they had to waive someone to sign him.  That guy ended up being NT Jordon Scott.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Gabe Brkic has shown signs of a player with ice for veins. There wasn’t a single player better than him in the country from 50 yards out in his final collegiate season. He was ranked No. 1 in most 50-plus yard makes (5) with his longest kick being two separate 56-yarders against Tulane and Western Carolina. In his entire college tenure, he has booted 159 of 160 extra points through the uprights and 57 of 69 field goals.

Greg Joseph signed his $2.4 million restricted free agent tender in free agency, but it’s important to note none of that money is guaranteed.

Special teams coordinator Matt Daniels: “I think the biggest thing, you look at Gabe and the career that he had at Oklahoma and he really showed up in pressure situations—a lot of game-winning field goals. There will be a full-on kicker competition and punter competition. That’s why we brought in guys like Gabe Brkic and Ryan Wright is to really push those veterans that we have.”


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