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Washington Commanders 2022 Undrafted Free Agent Tracker


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2 hours ago, turtle28 said:

Yeah, I was trying to delete my post, I hate that that’s not really possible like it used to be in the old forum. It was too late when I posted & I just didn’t delete it. Someone on Twitter who isn’t a blue check mark person heard a rumor he was coming here, but he chose Dallas instead l, oh well. Bummer 

No big deal guy s_ _ t happens but yes it is a bummer we lose him to these Boys down here. 

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I'm impressed after watching the film on Ezzard.

Might be tough cracking the WR core, but he has serious ability with the ball. His highlights are pretty crazy.

With Carter gone, I will not be shocked, if he makes the team as the returner.

He could probably play RB with his frame, too.


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22 minutes ago, mar29020 said:

Commanthers signed Trai Turner. One year deal 3 mil

Sounds good on paper. still young @ 28 ( 29 in June ) . but wonder why he's bouncing around so much and why Pittsburgh didn't bring him back ?

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