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Landon coming back?


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  • 4 weeks later...

Now that we’re passed June 1st, and we’ve saved off of Collins’s June 1st cap hit, I’d think we should re-sign him to be our WLB & move Jamin to SLB to cover TEs.

It’s a tough call on what to do here, but I guess my answer would be this:

If they hadn’t traded for Wentz & had drafted Kenny Pickett or another QB to develop behind Heinicke or someone else this year, I’d say no they shouldn’t re-sign Collins.

But, since they traded for Wentz and seem to be going for it this year then I say YES! We should re-sign him.

We need to play him as a hybrid/Buffalo nickel/WLB & not a safety obviously. He played well from late October to mid December in that role & our D played better when they finally moved Collins to WLB.

I feel they need more veteran leadership on their defense & Collins provides that.

The question becomes, what do you do w/ Jamin if you re-sign Collins? Does Jamin go to SLB?

I could see that, he’d be good in coverage against TEs. That would allow Collins to do what he did last year & Holcomb can play MLB.

What say you?

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