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Bucs Offseason '22

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55 minutes ago, indifference said:

coaches like Neal at the SS spot he fits the whitehead role perfectly. He will be taken off the field for Edwards on pass downs though. Mike just isnt a good open field tackler and our db coach spoken on his improvement in his recent PC.

No doubt, but problem with Neal is exactly what it was with Whitehaed. They're playing style is conducive to injury and neither one of them can seem to hold-up for a whole season. it's helped that Neal is a sub-package guy, but even still he's dealt with injuries.

If we didn't have Ryan on this roster, the Cine pick would have made a ton of sense. Even still, if we would've taken him, I was confident Bowles would have found create ways to use him in year one.

Cine is definitely not just going to be a box safety at the next level.  I liken him to Anthony Harris. He was one of the more versatile safety prospects in this draft. 

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6 minutes ago, indifference said:


Good breakdown

Dont see Suh coming back this year unless he takes a limited role. 

deadrin senat will be in the DT rotation ive read coaches are high on him at being NT part time.

Yah, even before I read this article I had seen a lot of beyond the surface level stats that showed how his play fell off last year and especially later in the year. He's starting to hit that wall, where he's best suited for a part-time role vs. starter. 

We can't afford him anyway, unless he wants to take a massive pay cut. I don't see it.

Most likely, we're gonna be looking to add a veteran DE after June 1st. We'll be able to free up some money too once Pinion is cut.  

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The Athletic's Greg Auman reports Bucs rookie Logan Hall has added weight to play in new scheme.

As reported by Auman, Hall played around 270 pounds during his final season at Houston, but has bulked up to 290 pounds in preparation for life as a 3-4 defensive end. Despite the added weight, Hall said he is "still moving really well" and feels good.

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