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2K22: Offense


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Compared to the rest of the team, or to last year, there is only one significant change but it's a doozey. Tyreek Hill takes his game to Miami. On a lesser note, Byron Pringle and Demarcus Robinson also moved on.

Those three represent 2149 snaps. In comparison, all the returning WR totaled less than 848. To fill this void, the team signed the hyphens, Juju Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling (rumors of the two forming a wealth management firm with Clyde Edwards-Hellaire appear to be unfounded).The draft brought Skyy Moore and Justyn Ross signed as UDFA. Returning are Mecole Hardman, Josh Gordon, Cornell Powell, and several PS players. We will need to find 6-7 players.

At RB we have CEH, signed Ronald Jones as a FA, re-signed Derrick Gores, drafted Isaiah Pacheco, return PS player Brenden Knox. That is all there is. Clyde is obviously the guy, but depth is wide open. Pacheco is a possible KR. Michael Burton returns at FB.

TE is again Kelce, Gray, Bell, Fortson and some PS types. 

The OL returns intact, though Luca Niang may not be ready for the start of the season. The team re-signed Wylie and Reiter, signed Geron Christian, and drafted Darian Kinnard. RT will be interesting but the big drama is whether they get OB Jr re-signed.

QB is unchanged. The big question is how long Henne can hol on to the #2 spot. 

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I have found snap counts to be very incisive. For example, when healthy Taco Charlton was a very efficient pass rusher, but the team did not trust him to do anything else. We know this because of his low snap counts yet high QB pressures. Chris Jones and Frank Clark were the daught horses of the DL, playing over 70% of the snaps. We may dig into this soon in another thread.

Here is an article analyzing the offense's snap counts.

QB: 100% returning. Mahomes and Henne. Nuff said.
RB : 43% returning. Clyde and Gore, plus Burton at FB. Darrell Williams and others are gone. There is work to do here. 
WR: 27.5% returning. Losing Hill, Pringle, and Robinson was a massive bite. MVS and JuJu soften the blow. This is the one everyone knows about and watches.
TE: 100% returning, assuming Jody Fortson can make it back. Finding some rest for 33 year old Kelce is the job. 
OL: 97% returning. Mike Remmers had most of the other 3%. The biggest issue here is RT and it isn't that big. 

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OTAs start Wednesday. Who wants to speculate how losing Hill, Robinson, Pringle, and Darrell Williams while gaining JuJu, MVS, and Skyy changes the offensive structure?

I think that the OL will dictate much of the changes. It's a very good run blocking line and Clyde played behind a similar line at LSU. I look for more run emphasis, play action, shorter drops and more timing routes. 


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The offense will have to have a new look without Hill and all the new players. It's already starting to work together. Mahomes and his new receivers have spent time working together this off season. It apparently shows.

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Wasn’t sure which thread to put this in, so here it goes.


Because Orlando Brown Jr. wants to become the highest paid left tackle in the NFL, according to a league source. And there are some issues with that, not the least of which is quite fundamental.

From AP. Current highest averages ~24mil/year. If we pay above that then we’d be paying our LT and LG a combined ~45mil/year. Yikes. 

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25 minutes ago, onejayhawk said:

While OB Jr is a good LT, he's not an elite one. PFF has him on their tier 7, commenting that he's a good not great OT.

While I’d agree he’s nowhere near elite, #23 is a little too low for me. Would’ve been nice to trade him and keep Hill. Thuney could’ve played LT. 

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As OTAs progress, we can take a look at what the offense will be doing poist Tyreek Hill. Ron Kopp did an article on how things will look in 2022.

To summarize and repharase. 

  • More traditional, meaning less reliant on RPOs.
  • Emphasized running game
  • Reversion to Mahomes earlier style

The first point has to do with what Tyreek Hill brought to the offense--high completion rate coupled with yards after catch. Lacking Hill's ability to turn short passes into first downs and TDs, less RPO and more dropping back and longer throws. 

The second is a tribute to the OL. We have a big mean run blocking machine and it's time to use it. CEH had a similar situation at LSU as did Ronald Jones at USC. Lest anyone forget, Jones was a 2nd round pick who has a 98 yard TD in his resume. Assuming both are healthy, this could be a serious PT struggle. The likely 3rd RB is Isaiah Pcheco, who is a downhill RB in the Darrel Williams mode but much faster. He is also reputed to be a superior pass blocker which is Why I am pencilling him into the roster. 

Reverting to more traditional drop back mode will also aid in doing something Mahomes was known for early in his career--spreading the love. In his MVP season, Mahomes was likely to complete passes to seven different players. Eventually, Hill and Kelce emerged as the goto guys alost tot eh detriment of the rest of the receiving corps. It didn't help that Sammy Watson was frequently out and that Demarcus Robinson and Byron Pringle were the other options. Kelce is still here and we saw that Hardman can fill HIll's downfield routees quite well, while MVS can step in Hardman's old role, but that leaves the short game open. Enter Smith-schuster and Moore. JuJu can do a lot of the things that we miss from Sammy Watkins' tenure, as well as being a plus run blocker. Skyy is a natural slot receiver with great hands and dceptive speed. 

Running as a thread through all of this, as well as the defense, is that the Chiefs are going to be more physical. For the offense, this is mostly the OL, which has moved a long way from the zone blocking of the Super Bowl teams. Also, the WRs have more size and physicality, particularly JuJu. Look for less cute and more smash mouth. As a bonus, that attitude is going to be helpful with inegrating all the new people. 

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Here is a look at the WR group. Remember that we will keep only seven at most, and one of those could be ST almost exclusively. In any event, the ranks are starting to take shape. Competition for the 5th and 6th spots could get serious.

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It's an excuse to bump this thread, but it's still nice. Creed Humphrey and Nick Bolton made the top 10 of 2021 rookies. CH was 4th after JaMarr Chase, Micah Parsons and s sketchy Mac Jones. Bolton was 10th.

More of the same in draft format. Trey Smith goes 1st round as well.

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This is a long Ron Kopp article on how our Red-Zone offense will change post Tyreek Hill. One new thing will be size. In Mahomes' career he has only had Kelce who could win jump balls. We add JuJu and MVS to that mix and also two young TE. Even Josh Gordon should be an improvement on Demarcus Robinson. 

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