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49ers Schedule Release 22 - Bye Week is Week NINE


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On 5/5/2022 at 3:56 AM, N4L said:

It was announced this week that the niners will play on MNF on 11/21/22 (week 11) in Mexico City. 

I just realized that because the game is on a Monday, we will absolutely have our bye the following week, which is Thanksgiving weekend. There is just no way the NFL asks the team to travel internationally and then play a game on a short week. 

I was hoping we would have a late bye this year. Our two deep playoff runs have come with early bye weeks and in 2019 we had the benefit of being the #1 seed (by about 6 inches no less) but in 2021 the amount of consecutive weeks of football really came back to bite us, especially because we had so many road games late in the year. 

This is especially important considering only one team gets a bye in each conference, and the fact we play the AFCW and the NFCS, so it's unlikely we will get the #1 seed, which I am ok with but I absolutely want to win the division

This was announced previously but here it is again:

49ers home opponents - KC, LAC, MIA, WSH, NO, TB

49ers road opponents - LVR, DEN, CAR, CHI, ATL 

(Plus divisional games obviously) 

I will update this post when the official schedule is announced on 5/12 

According to this. We're playing the Saints week 12 instead of the suspected BYE week.

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I really hope we play in Denver in the fall as opposed to the middle of winter. I fully plan on going to that game and would prefer to not have to wear a parka lol. 

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4 minutes ago, AustrianNiner said:


Ironically, that's not the same account that had us start against the Panthers and falcons week 1/2, even though it had the same avy and "name" 

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Posted (edited)
42 minutes ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

Hopefully there's an east coast road game in week 2 as well. 

Here's what I go so far from trying to track leaks:

1. @Bears

2. @Falcons



5. @Panthers




9. Rams


11. Cardinals (Mexico) MNF

12. Saints


14. @Raiders MNF


16. Commanders

17. Dolphins

18. Cardinals

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2 hours ago, NcFinest9erFan said:

The bears get a primetime game in week2?

It makes perfect sense. Chicago is a large market. The Bears are not going to be good. The league wants to get them on primetime early before the "new season shine" wears off. 

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4 hours ago, Forge said:

Week 1 at Chicago its sounding like. I'll take that. 

I'll be at the Chicago game this year, so that couldn't make me happier... Not looking forward to it as much if that game is in the dead of winter 

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