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2022 Colts schedule released today

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Today we’ll find out the Colt’s schedule around 8:00 PM. So far the Colt’s official Twitter account announced 2 games 

Wk 1 @ Houston 

Wk 3 vs Kansas City 

The tweets confused me at first, I thought both would be night games until I saw the dates and realized nope 1 PM games for both 


5 of the first 7 games are divisional games with the last divisional game being the LAST game 

Prime time games 

Week 5 @ Denver 

Week 12 vs Pittsburgh 

week 13 @ Dallas 

Week 16 vs Los Angeles Chargers 

Carson Wentz returns to Indy Week 8 and week 11 we take on Nick Sirianni 

three preseason games as well 


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Willie McGinest and Bucky Brooks did a schedule prediction for the Colts on NFL Network and they see the Colts going 12-5 

Home loss - Chargers 

Road losses - Broncos, Titans, Raiders and Cowboys 

5-1 in division, 8-4 vs AFC, 4-1 vs NFC 

Weeks 1-4/ 4-0 (defeat each AFC South team and Chiefs) 

Weeks 5-8/ 2-2 (losses at Den and at Ten, wins vs Jax and Wash) 

Weeks 9-12/ 3-1 (loss at LV, wins vs NE, Philly and Pitt) 

Weeks 13-16/ 1-2 (week 14 bye; win vs Minn, losses (at) Dallas and (vs) Chargers) 

Week 17-18/ 2-0 (wins vs NYG and Hou) 

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