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7 hours ago, NYRaider said:

Top 6 WR's in terms of receptions and their fantasy points in PPR: 

Tyreek Hill (81 receptions, 222.3 points) 

Stefon Diggs (76 receptions, 227.3 points)

Cooper Kupp (75 receptions, 201.4 points)

Justin Jefferson (72 receptions, 215.5 points)

Michael Pittman (67 receptions, 138.8 points)

Davante Adams (64 receptions, 216.4 points)

Pittman should be a good buy low in the draft next year. 

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8 hours ago, NYRaider said:

You built a monster team. If Mike Williams/Jamar Chase are healthy to close the season you should coast to a fantasy championship.

Yeah, I decided that since seeding is ultimately pretty worthless in this league (there's a cash payout for the #1 seed, but it's pretty minimal, especially compared to the payout for winning the championship), I'd play a little fast and loose this weekend in my matchup with the current #1-seed.

So I dropped Toney and picked up OBJ - largely on the hope he goes to Dallas, because that will also help hedge my Schultz share to make sure I'm getting a solid piece of that great fantasy playoff schedule that Dallas has.

And it's still going to be a battle in this league because there are 3 other strong teams.  One with Henry, Chubb, Tyreke, Kittle, and Kyler.

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22 minutes ago, Dr LBC said:

That feeling when you're forced into eating the goose-egg from a late-ruled-out JaMarr Chase and your team then still goes on to absolutely smoke the league leader's team by more than 60 points...


I haven't won yet, but I'm up 16 points with JT going tonight against his Pittman, and I got the donut from ETN 

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2 minutes ago, Forge said:

Won, clinched


Wish I could stay the same.  this season has been unreal in how my only redraft league is going.  

12 team full PPR. 1 keeper

started 0-4, then won 3 straight.  lost 1, won 1, now on a 3 game losing streak to sit at 4-8.  

2nd in points scored and have the most points scored against by about 60 points.  Dude that is 10-2 has 300 fewer points scored against him than I do.  

only saving grace is that our 6th place playoff team goes to the highest scoring team that misses the playoffs ....which is currently my team by about 100 points over the next non playoff team (based on current standings)

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So I need to win to clinch 1st place, my buy in money for winning the regular season, and a bye in the first round of the playoffs. Both JT and Kamara (who’s been trash lately) are on byes. My options on my bench are Pacheco who’s pretty much cemented in a starting spot this week, Jeff Wilson, and Kareem Hunt. Would it be worth using the #1 waiver priority on James Cook for this one week. Or do I roll the dice with one of my bench guys?

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