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2022 NBA Fantasy Draft: Draft Begins Wed!!!!


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1 minute ago, KhanYouDigIt said:

I think we may only get one more pick in today. I don’t plan on picking until 8 AM tomorrow.

Probably the issue with having 16 people. Especially if they don't send a big board if they don't plan on being around.

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2 minutes ago, Tyronnosaurus said:

I had 9 guys as tier 1 but wanted to get a tier 1A type guy. But 8/8 so far lol. Interested to see who gets taken here at 9.

I can think of two guys it should be.

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3 minutes ago, MKnight82 said:

When is the last time Lebron James went outside of the top 5 in one of these?  

Yeah. I cant argue the order at the top, but probably would have still taken him over a couple of the others.  I guess missing the playoffs as the best player on a team hurts your value. 

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if lebron was a 2 way player still he would of been my selection. However his tendency to free lance ball watch and take plays off put him below Leonard for me. Need a 2 way player with a non stop motor and is battle tested.

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27 minutes ago, 11sanchez11 said:

i knew i was picking tatum the second i switched to 9

i had a tier of 9, well tier 1 of 3 then tier 2 of 6, but there is 1 more player who i debated putting in tier 2

It was between Embiid and Tatum for me at 6.  Given this is a one year simulation I went with Embiid as he is more dominant, even if I think Tatum is the better play in the long term.

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