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2022 NBA Fantasy Draft: Draft Begins Wed!!!!


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Just now, Bullet Club said:

So round 13 I can draft someone or take a coach? What if I ignore coach?

You should take a prospect and a coach, we'll be easy going, it can be a college or NBA coach, head coach or assistant coach, whatever you prefer. 

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3 minutes ago, FinneasGage said:

we making a team for 1 season or for the long haul? 

Probably just a vote and then a 2k sim season and a 2k sim playoff tournament. We'll see how all of our teams do over the course of a season as well as in a controlled playoff environment. 

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17 minutes ago, NYRaider said:

For Round 13 (1 NCAA Prospect/Coach)

1. Bullet Club

2. BigC421

3. Tyronnosaurus

4. NY Raider

5. Flatlyner

6. Indifference

7. 11Sanchez

8. TexansFan

9. Mknight82

10. Khanyoudigit

11. Stl4life07

12. Deadpulse

13 Beekay

14 Finneasegage

15 Troy Brown

16 The Duke

resim it 

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