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2022 NBA Fantasy Draft: Draft Begins Wed!!!!


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9 minutes ago, NYRaider said:

These are the first round matchups so start thinking now about why your team should advance.

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2 minutes ago, NYRaider said:

His team made the Finals in 2k while you got swept my boy. 2k knows.

2k sent my team to the finals the last time, and I lost first round in voting to a team that went to the finals.

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1 minute ago, MKnight82 said:

You should realign the voting bracket based off of the results of the sim.  Respect the sim bruh. 

How would we do that? lol 

Teams that went the furthest vs teams that got whooped the quickest?

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Scratch everything that has been said, this will be it, no complaints. 1 plays 16 and so on.

FF League Draft Order Results

Pick # Team Name
1 NYRaider
2 11sanchez11
3 FinneasGage
4 Deadpulse
5 The Duke
6 Bullet Club
7 Indifference
8 Sllim Pickens
9 Beekay414
10 Texansfan713
11 AAmac
12 Mknight82
13 Tyronnosaurus
14 KhanYouDigIt
15 Champ11
16 BigC421/
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