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The vision is becoming clearer


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The front office clearly knows what they want. If the Falcons front 5 are as bad as last year, is this part of the fix? You’ve got monsters everywhere offense, they’re all such big people. 

WR1: London

WR2: Tate

TE: Pitts

TE2: Firkser

RB: Allgeier

or even a 3 wide set the lineup doesn’t get too much smaller either. Even if we had Auden Tate shuffle in as a hybrid TE/WR

Or something like a 5 “wide” set.

Pitts Patterson London Tate Edwards

Feels like you could easily run a 2TE, 5WR, 4WR or even 3WR set out of that lineup.

If you saw the Falcons put those 5 in the huddle what defense are you calling?

With that being said, if you’ve got Schaefer in place of Mayfield and you’re 70% run or PA, does that just automatically make the offensive line “better?”

I feel like the Falcons might shock some people because there’s just no tape on this squad and it seems like if you’re ready for the Finesse Falcons, you won’t be ready when you get hit in the mouth.

“Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth” -Mike Tyson

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The offensive line will be better because the QBs will be mobile. I know this sounds nuts, but when you have a mobile QB, the naked boot on run plays HAS to be defended or it's a huge gain. So it freezes the back side of the defensive line and allows more space on the front side of the play. On a passing play, teams can't just pin their ears back and play man anymore. They have to actually account for the QB's legs. It makes it soooo much tougher to create a pass rush when you don't know the spot you're actually rushing too. I think just that alone will give us an improvement on the line from trash to slightly below average.

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