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Who are the biggest chokers in NFL history?


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2 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

The entire Chargers organization. Sorry charger fans.

I swear they have blown a lead 8 times a year, every year, for the last 2 decades.  It has practically become a part of their identity.

I'm not trying to say we don't have a history with choking.

What I am saying is the Falcons exist.

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ARod. Its easy bc just like CP3 is known as the "point god" and many have him as a top 3 point guard of all-time yet he chokes in the playoffs, ARod is known as the most gifted thrower of the football and a top 5 QB of all-time yet he chokes in the playoffs. His regular season numbers are great but once he get into the playoffs in particular NFCCG his numbers are horrible. Yes he won a Superbowl but his team that year had ZERO expectations going into the playoffs as a wildcard team plus he beat the Caleb Hanie Chicago Bears led QB team. And these last two seasons he wanted HFA and he got it both teams and came up short against the Bucs and then really came up short this past season against the Niners. 

I would say that when it comes to coaching it was Andy Reid but now its Kyle Shanahan. He blew the biggest Superbowl lead as the OC of the Falcons bc for whatever reason he decided not to run the ball. Then when he became the HC of the Niners he blew another double digit lead in the Superbowl in the 4th quarter and lost to the Chiefs. Same reason bc he for whatever reason decided to stop running the ball. Then this past season he blew the largest 4th quarter lead in an NFCCG in NFL history to the Rams and lost. His team only gained 38 total yards in the 4th quarter and didnt gain a single yard from the 12:10 mark throughout the rest of the game in the 4th quarter. Thats still hard to wrap my head around bc I know the Rams defense was playing great but no defense can be that great in a playoff game. So Kyle just choked again when the spotlight was big. Yes we can point to Jimmy G but Kyle choose to stick with Jimmy G when he couldve had Lance out their for the season or he couldve signed Brady when he was a FA a few offseasons ago. He couldve traded for Stafford last offseason. He couldve drafted Mahomes or Watson when they came out in the draft. He didnt bc he believed in Jimmy G and it backfired on him as he has no Superbowl titles to show for it. Meanwhile Mahomes has one with the Chiefs, Brady has one with the Bucs, and Stafford has one with the Rams. Meanwhile, reports from Niners camp is that they arent really sold on Lance right now. Not a good look for Kyle. 

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1991-93 Houston Oilers. Had a total of 25 players selected for the Pro Bowl in those three years, but didn't even make it to the AFC Championship game, let alone a Super Bowl. The defining moment was against Buffalo in the 92 AFC WC, and Montana and Marcus Allen basically put the dagger in the heart of the Oiler franchise a year later (which led to the move to Nashville).

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I hate to pile on the Chargers, because the era I'm about to spotlight is my favorite in their franchise history. The 1979-1982 Chargers made the postseason each year, but failed to get to a Super Bowl with some teams that could have at least made it there. Part of it was bad luck against quality teams, the other part was just completely choking on offense or defense (when they had a defense). One of my favorite what if Super Bowls is Super Bowl 16 with the 1981 49ers against the 1981 Chargers. 

Obviously there are a lot of teams that had a hot streak where they couldn't get over the hump with a talented roster for a few years in a row, but those Fouts/Coryell Chargers left an impression due to how dominant they were on offense for a while. 

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The Chargers were large favorites to win it all in the mid-2000s as well and could never get over the hump for one reason or the other. Relatively stacked rosters and still couldn't get it done. The same as today.

1992, 1993, 1995, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2017, 2018,

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