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Who are the biggest chokers in NFL history?


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1 hour ago, MWil23 said:

I'll always die on the hill that Norwood was a victim of having to kick that just out of his range. Dude was money from 45 in...he was about 1 for 6 or 1 for 8 in his career at that range or longer.

Plus he BARELY missed it.

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32 minutes ago, DutchFalcon said:

I think that is looking a bit to much at the results and not at the process. Big Ben and Tomlin might have been clutch almost two decades ago but those times have clearly passed and I don't think they should get a pass for that.

I will always and have always differentiate(d) between CHOKING and BEING A CHOKER.

Sure, Rodgers, Ben, and Manning all had propensity to underachieve and choke, as did John Elway.

However, they aren't CHOKERS since they all at some point showed up, balled out, and won a ring. If you can legitimately see that final throw Ben made to Holmes in that 2nd Super Bowl when they were trailing and that won them everything and say "that guy is a choker", I don't really know what to tell you here.

32 minutes ago, DutchFalcon said:

Following your logic the 1990 - 1993 Bills wouldn't have been chokers if they only had won that first SB.

That's absolutely a fact. The entire narrative changes if they win just one.

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I think it has to be post-2010 Rodgers tbh.

The Packers have lost so many crucial playoff games in large part because Rodgers just didn't play that well.

Ones that come to mind are:

2011 vs the Giants

2014 vs Seahawks

2021 vs 49ers

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20 minutes ago, Soggust said:

IMO - 90%+ of "Chokes" are just random circumstance and game flow and not 'wilting to the pressure of the moment' as people like to imagine.

They absolutely are (random circumstance, I mean). You just kind of get saddled with the optics and have to wear it until you don't. 

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3 pages without McNabb? McNabb just wet the bed so many times.


Look at his incredible play of Thanksgiving 2008 (after his Baltimore benching) and then Prime Time and McSoup attacking Philly fans in the post game because of how awesome #5 was. They got a rematch in the NFCCG and he just plain sucked.


NFCCG 1 - He fumbles in his own red zone on drive 1 for a free 7 to St Louis. (they lost by 5)

NFCCG 2 - Tampa. The first drive was based on a long Mitchell kick return and McNabb was invisible all day. He had 1 long run followed by RONDE!

NFCCG 3 - He eventually got hurt on a cheap shot but he was terrible when playing.

NFCCG 4 - The whole team overwhelmed Atlanta, nice win all around. He played well.

SB - Interception to the right side of the end zone - do over on a D penalty - mirror image interception. (I can't find another series like this, anywhere)

The Bruschi pick was one of the worst throws in NFL history. He was trying to hit a crossing RB and put it 4 yards over his head and in front of him.

Bruschi was like 6 to 8 yards deep of the RB and the ball hit him in the chest.

The ESPN guys (Steve Young and co) were usually pretty tame but they absolutely destroyed McNabb after that game on merit.


NFCCG 5 - He killed Arizona in Philly (week 13). He demolished them. He did not show up in this game until after halftime and he disappeared again on the last 4 plays.


His last 5 playoff games he had a 2+ turnover streak.

The defense annihilated Tavaris (literally with a choke slam on a defensive TD) and Eli for his 2 wins in those last 5.

McNabb was a tourist.


These might not even be the worst play in McNabb history

Remember Freddie Mitchell and 4th and 26? Go watch the end of that drive on YouTube.

He hits a Packer defender (34 McKenzie) in the end zone who drops it. McNabb chocked that one away too, but the Packer also choked.

McKenzie had under coverage on Pinkston and McNabb did not throw it fade or back shoulder he threw it at McKenzie.

It might be unfair to call it a drop on McKenzie because Pinkston was also playing DB at the end to save the team.

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5 hours ago, Yin-Yang said:

Which postseason, that resulted in a championship, would you say Manning “balled out” in?

Coming back to beat NE while throwing for 350 was fairly clutch.

4 hours ago, SkippyX said:

3 pages without McNabb? McNabb just wet the bed so many times.

I mentioned him already :) 

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5 hours ago, MWil23 said:

Coming back to beat NE while throwing for 350 was fairly clutch.

Clutch sure (after being a reason they were behind in the first place), but I wouldn’t exactly say Peyton balled out in that game. Or in any of those postseason games in 2006. 

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On 5/16/2022 at 11:00 AM, MWil23 said:

I get what you're saying, but Ben WON 2 Super Bowls and Tomlin won one. I personally don't think any Super Bowl champ should be mentioned as a choker at all.

Now now, let's hear him out

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Carson Palmer in the playoffs?

He was a solid QB and had a couple of really good teams 

1-2 playoff record as a starter 

56%, 730 yards, 5 TDs, 7 INTs, 9 sacks, 2 sub 60 QBRs. 

It's a small sample size, but boy is it pretty atrocious. 


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