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Nacho Simulation Football League (Season 24 - Taco Bowl XXIV POSTED!)

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Just now, Scoundrel said:

Probably a little lower in the round than I would like unless you have a higher sixth I am not aware of I’ll consider it 

can do a 5th, ya scoundrel 

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Just now, Scoundrel said:

Well you think I’m going to accept less from the guy who put that as the starting point?

I then proceeded to accept two separate tag trades that same off-season for significantly less than what I had put on that list. Glen made the argument that tags are worth less than what I had stated, and I'm offering what's in-line with his values.

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5 minutes ago, Scoundrel said:

Rookie Draft:

1 Tag - Mid 5th Round Pick
2 Tags - Mid 4th Round Pick
3 Tags - Mid 3rd Round Pick
4 Tags - Mid 2nd Round Pick

Ok, trade me 7 tags for a 2nd and a 3rd

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3 minutes ago, Glen said:

not true, but u do u

This is true. I went back and found it, and I was way off. Still shocked that you think 1 tag is in the 5th-6th range, but 2 tags are in the 2nd-3rd range, but u do u.

1 tag 5-6th

2 2nd-3rd

3 1st

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, TL-TwoWinsAway said:

I didn't have a "7 tag" value in my chart. Please, reference my chart.

Ok, i will trade a 2nd for 4 tags

And then a 3rd for  3 tags 

Edited by Malfatron
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