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New Stadium Thread


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On 6/12/2022 at 9:19 PM, MKnight82 said:

Snyder will never build a stadium without public money.  He will just relocate to a city that will give it to him.

I am kinda with @turtle28 here. While I do think the first sentence is spot on, I don't think the 2nd one is. I don't think Dan ever relocates the team*

*within reason. Landover to Dumfries doesn't count

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Sources say the Commanders front office considered a second D.C. site in its search for a new stadium. One which would be an alternative to historic RFK, and an option never revealed publicly.


While the Commanders' well-documented pursuit of the beloved RFK site remains highly unlikely due to federal land use issues and opposition from neighborhood residents and D.C. councilmembers, WUAS9 has learned Commanders front office officials leading the stadium search considered a second stadium site in the District.

The site, next to the home of the Washington Nationals and DC United sits just across the Anacostia River on land known as Poplar Point.

Poplar Point is 110 acres which is enough land for the Commanders to house the stadium and mixed-use retail complex the team envisions. But Poplar Point has some challenges too.

Although the land is in the process of being transferred from federal control to the D.C. government, there are ongoing environmental investigations related to the cleanup of soil contamination to remove hazardous materials.

According to the National Park Service’s Poplar Point webpage, those materials “may pose unacceptable risk to human health or the environment.” And a source close to the stadium project tells WUSA9 the Popular Point site “remains a long shot due to regulatory and environmental remediation concerns.”

The Commanders and team President Jason Wright declined to comment for this report, with Wright staying mum on the team’s future stadium location when addressing the corporate sponsors at the team’s “Welcome Home Kickoff Luncheon” on Sept. 1.

But Wright continues to make conflicting statements regarding the timing of a final decision regarding the stadium’s location. When WUSA9 sat down with Wright for a one-on-one interview at FedEx Field in April 2020 he said the team did not have a target date to be in a new stadium.

“You know timeline is the craziest thing to talk about at this stage,” Wright said at the time, refusing to rule out the possibility the Commanders could be playing at FedEx Field in 2027 or beyond.



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