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I don't understand why Baker gets so much hate


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Watching and rooting against him as a division rival, I've thought he was a bit of a prick, in terms of his personality. He is good at acting nice/decent, but closely watching his rivalry/relationship with Lamar over the years, it seems like he pretends to be nice and publicly speaks nice, while Lamar actually acts like a friend in the moment outside of planned appearances. Lamar even ran out to try to console him after Baker threw a pick in the week 17 that clinched the Ravens to the playoffs in their rookie season, which should have been the first huge on-field celebration moment for Lamar. But Baker in-game has thrown shade at Lamar, when not in his face, (src: https://heavy.com/sports/2019/10/browns-baker-mayfield-lamar-jackson-make-him-throw/). Later that same season, in the MNF "poop game" he mocked the TD celebration Lamar did earlier in the game, when the Browns came back and took the lead late and it looked like Lamar wan't coming back into the game. Of course, post-game (after Lamar came back and the Ravens won) he was all acting like he had all love and respect. I have to believe that at some point his teammates, who interact with him every day, noticed and caught on to this dichotomy where he just feels like an actor who is impressive on camera and hiding the fact that he is, in fact, a prick. 

However, the fact that the Browns are out here slamming his character, while totally subjugating themselves to Deshaun Watson, has flipped my feeling towards him. The criticisms of Baker are relatively trivial stuff, and he doesn't deserve to be the bad guy in THAT situation. 

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3 minutes ago, ET80 said:

His personality flaws were apparent at Oklahoma - giving him money didn’t help those flaws out.

He’s almost identically Jay Cutler in every way down to the jersey number and everything.

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