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Which rookie will make the biggest impact in 2022?

brownie man

Which Rookie will have the biggest impact in 2022?  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick your rookie

    • Martin Emerson
    • Alex Wright
    • David Bell
    • Perrion Winfrey
    • Cade York
    • Jerome Ford
    • Michael Woods II
    • Isaiah Thomas
    • Dawson Deaton

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I think it is Winfrey, I think he dropped further than he should have, and he is facing less competition.

Ideally emerson only sees the field if we are up by 3 scores in the 4th quarter.

Wright will be at best our 3rd end.

Bell will see snaps as a slot or 3rd WR

Winfrey will have a chance to fight for significant snaps and to even start.

Kicker yes, 

Ford, snaps at the end of the game only

Woods II no thanks, probably gores to the PS

thomas, fighting for a roster spot

Deaton, could potentially start if he flashes, more likely PS 

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If I’m being super pessimistic, Cade York this year. Long term, it could be Ford and York.


I like Wright and Winfrey long term, but they’re both projects.


If we plan to give Ford serious snaps in the future, I will be shocked if he doesn’t have several 100 yard games. Our system is going to let him succeed.

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The poll results are completely accurate at the moment. Based on our depth at the positions they play, it is a toss up between York, Winfrey and Bell. I voted Bell but it could def be the other 2. Things change but as of right now, no way it isn't one of those 3. 

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Winfrey. If Miles and Clowney stay healthy, they're going to occupy a lot of attention, and with his skills and attitude that could lead to Winfrey wrecking shop. Also, but default our D is going to have to make the bigger impact to keep us in games with Brissett starting lord knows how many games with an average WR corps.

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