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2K22: UDFA


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I was (and still am) so damn pissed that Ryan Poles didn't pick him up. Especially considering the Bears current WR situation. We need a big outside target for Fields with potential.

I can understand the risk of drafting him in favor of another player who you know will play because of his injury history. But you don't pass up on a talent like him as an UDFA when there is really no risk at all.  Best case scenario, he turns out to be a stud and the Chiefs got a steal for a player on a really good deal. The Worst case scenario, he turns out to be dud and they didn't risk anything since his contract won't even be high enough to count against the 53 man roster.


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He's undeniably talented. I don't think that was in doubt. 

He also clearly played football again at Clemson. That's not in doubt either. 

With some guys recently retiring early and still in their prime due to injury concerns, I wonder if that took him off a few boards as well? 

Obviously, he has to be medically cleared, and that's always a hurdle. But I do wonder how many teams may have just sat back and thought "He's going to last a year or two and probably decide not to risk it anymore. Pass."....

Rooting for him and hope the injury never comes back to haunt him and he has a nice long career. But boy I hope he knows what he's doing. 

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