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What are examples of bad coaching decisions that are forgotten because the team won?


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35 minutes ago, CP3MVP said:

It can be a regular season game or a playoff game. What are examples of head coaching decisions in game that were really bad but because the team ended up winning it’s largely forgotten or washed away?

Quite a few of Drew Brees 53 game winning drives are because of Sean Payton’s deficiencies as a coach. Like, way too many of them. 


Payton didn’t learn about running out the clock and controlling the pace of the game  until about 2017ish. He would get too cute on offense and didn’t maintain possession like we needed to.

This led to the defense never getting a break, and regular comebacks by the other team in the 4th when our defense had already played way longer than they should have. Next thing you know it’s a game again because the Saints offense has given their opponent four extra possessions and the defense is too worn out to keep holding them off.


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Bill does it like every other season or so. There’ll be some sort of wind or rain, the game goes to OT, Pats win the toss - defer. It somehow worked against Peyton Manning on SNF that was essentially won due to a special teams error (in which wind probably did play a factor), and sometimes it doesn’t (@ NYJ).

It’s a dumb call for how often he pulls it.

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Last season, Cards at Jags.  Kingsbury elects to try a ridiculously long fg right before the half.  Jags of course send their return specialist out to camp in the endzone and get the kick six.  If not for an equally ridiculous decision by the Jags to attempt a flea flicker which resulted in  pick six in a game they were in control of, Cards probably lose. 

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I'm not sure its forgotten because its BOB but Houston was playing Tampa and trying to run out the clock.

All they had to do was take 3 knees and secure the win.

BOB is so smart he called running plays and they fumbled.

Tampa got a slim chance when they should have had none but did not score

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