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What would be your RAS score and what position would you play in NFL?


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I couldn't even guess my prime numbers in some of those exercises. My RAS would probably be 0.25-1.00.

Current me is almost certainly a 0.00, which is funny because I'm still one of the more athletic people I know.

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What's a 20 minute mile translate as a 40 yard dash?
1 mile = 1760 yards
1760 / 40 = 44
20 min = 60 x 20 seconds = 1200 seconds
1200 seconds / 44
I think I do about a 27 second 40 yard dash, I rounded down because I wouldn't be going a mile and instead just 40 yards.

Is that slow enough to rank negatively? I think I could get maybe 6" inch vertical jump -- maybe. I wouldn't have the nerve to attempt a broad jump, def would pull a muscle. Got bigger hands than Pickett though.

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What do you call a small 38 year old O-lineman that can't bench press? Not sure I'd have the "turn" to be a turnstile.

Or maybe a FB that shies away from contact, and not in a good way....


Even at my most athletic youth, I was average at best, among my peers. Also never played football at any level, so I'd be the perfect developmental pick.

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It doesn’t matter whether we’re talk about now or in high school because I was never athletic enough. I had no separation as a WR, couldn’t cover a fire hydrant and my throwing arm was laughable. My saving grace was I didn’t try out for football. Now my best attribute might be that guy in the third row yelling at the blind ref while stuffing my face with beer and pretzels 

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my position would be holder for the kicker and my RAS at my peak of fitness would be like a 3.0. My vert and agility were solid, but I ran the 40 like I had poop in my pants and always did dumbbell press instead of bench (hate having a bar over my throat)

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