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Eagles sign S Jaquiski Tartt on a 1 year deal


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24 minutes ago, EagleBlueDon said:

I like the move. Man this roster just keeps getting more and more armored.

Epps and Tartt with Harris as the 3rd safety is solid.

It’ll probably be the other way around to start but I’d expect Tartt to get more snaps as the year progresses 

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31 minutes ago, EagleBlueDon said:

I'm trying to speak it into existence. Harris doesn't deserve to start anymore.

Harris definitely didn't make enough plays last year and was pretty bad the first half of the year, but he had by far the lowest missed tackle percentage on the team at 2.7% (previous 3 years... 8.8%, 4.8%, 6.1%) while Epps was 6.1% (2020 - 9.6%) and McLeod 7.9% (previous 2 years... 8.3%, 14.6%). I think he played better in the 2nd half of the year, especially as they moved him closer to the LOS. Tartt who is also good in the box had a bad 13.2% for missed tackles last year, but the previous two years he was 6.3% and 7.7%. We should have a pretty sound tackling trio with Harris, Epps and Tartt. Not the best coverage wise, but Gannon usally keeps 2 safeties deep which makes things easier on them.

I also think the reason Gannon also kept Harris instead of McLeod was his familiarity with what he wants to do. He played with in his defense last year, but was also in the DB room with him back in Minnesota for a while too. He has a leg up on Tartt there. Still doesn't mean he doesn't have to be in good shape and play well to keep his job, but I think he'll be starting with Tartt mixed in there and getting more snaps as the year goes on like @EaglesPeteC said.

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