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2023 NBA Draft Discussion Thread


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2 hours ago, TitanSlim said:

May be the Duke homer in me but I’m extremely high on Dariq Whitehead. Just a guy I wouldn’t bet against.  Look forward to seeing the season he’ll put together at Duke.

Dariq is going to be a stud, perfect wing for the modern NBA.

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My early big board for 2023:

1. Victor Wembanyama | FC | France

2. Nick Smith | CG | Arkansas

3. Scoota Henderson | CG | G-League

4. Dariq Whitehead | GF | Duke

5. Cam Whitemore | GF | Villanova

6. Dereck Lively | C | Duke

7. Dillon Mitchell | F | Texas

8. Ausar Thompson | GF | Overtime Elite

9. Keyontae George | CG | Baylor

10. Kel'el Ware | C | Oregon

11. Amen Thompson | CG | Overtime Elite

12. Leonard Miller | F | G-League

13. Brandon Miller | F | Alabama

14. Anthony Black | GF | Arkansas

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Three incoming freshmen that I expect to climb/enter the rankings with a solid season...

Rylan Griffen | GF | Alabama
- Long, explosive athlete with potential through the roof. Needs to shoot it consistently and engage defensively in order to rise up the boards.

Brice Sensabaugh | F | Ohio State
- A more explosive David Roddy, who just went 23rd last night. Probably not likely a 2023 guy but it all depends on his role at Ohio State. If he gets the right burn, he's going to climb the board. Really like this kid.

Chance Westry | GF | Auburn
- Defense is his calling card and is a decent shooter at this point in his development. Needs to tighten up his handle and play a consistent overall game but you can see a ball of clay watching this kid.

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