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PFF 2022 Roster Rankings


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  1. 1. How do you feel about your teams ranking?

    • Spot on
    • Too high (Clarify where they should've been ranked)
    • Too low... this ranking is disrespectful and PFF should be sent straight to jail with R. Kelly (Clarify where they should've been ranked)

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Full List:

1. Bills

2. Buccaneers

3. Chargers

4. Rams

5. Packers

6. Browns

7. Eagles

8. Bengals

9. Chiefs

10. Dolphins

11. Saints

12. Ravens

13. 49ers

14. Broncos

15. Colts

16. Cowboys

17. Commanders

18. Patriots

19. Vikings

20. Titans

21. Raiders

22. Steelers

23. Cardinals

24. Jets

25. Lions

26. Giants

27. Panthers

28. Jaguars

29. Seahawks

30. Bears

31. Falcons

32. Texans



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Largely disagree with a lot of this.

- Bucs and Chargers should be much lower. I think both teams will not be as good this year, and their rosters are quite overrated on paper.

- Broncos and Raiders should be higher. Broncos should be Top 10 and Raiders should be at least Top 14.

- Falcons should be last, not the Texans. 

- Cardinals should be much higher. 23? Lmao. Actually a really good roster. 

- Steelers should be higher. 

- Vikings should be higher. 19?

- Colts should be higher. 

- 49ers should be Top 10. 

- Eagles should be much lower.

- Browns need to be way lower. 

- Packers should be lower, but still Top 10. 

- I agree Bills have the best roster. Landing spots for the Rams, Bengals, Chiefs, and Dolphins also seem accurate. 

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The problem with PFF is they consider CB as the #2 most important position in football behind QB when they have been proven wrong on this countless times. QB, EDGE, LT, WR, and DT are all more important than CB. 

Team’s CB’s is heavily factored into their roster rankings. 

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There is so much wrong with this that I feel like it is just click bait. I was going to mention every terrible choice, but it would take too long. Not about my team either, the whole list just doesn't make sense to anyone that keeps up with the NFL in my opinion. Top 4 I can live with, but most after just seem like a hot take to get clicks. 

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It's been the same problem with the Rams for a while now - the superstars overshadow the other guys and they get underrated.

I think having the Bills above us is fine (I would still have us over them but at least understand that one), but that's it.

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2 hours ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

Bottom 12 is so disrespectful.

I’m guessing the belief is that you guys GREATLY overachieved last year riding on pure emotion. So consequently, your roster talent is questioned.


You have sexy names at WR and TE on offense. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to be excited about. People still don’t believe in Carr. He gets viewed in the Kirk Cousins category.


On defense it’s just Crosby and Jones. Perryman played out of his mind and most probably expect him to regress to the mean.

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3 hours ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

Full List:

1. Bills= can't really disagree too much, although I think there are a couple teams that could have been in the #1 spot.

2. Buccaneers= Until Brady cant play & win? I'll respect whatever ranking they give him & his team. Do I personally think it's too high? Yes

3. Chargers= Good spot for them. Herbert is the real deal & they easily are a top 5 team.

4. Rams= They are loaded & defending Champions with Stafford again. I probably put them at #1 for that reason alone, but could they be better after this off season. This is the worst ranking of the top 4, but it's not ridiculously bad.

5. Packers= No disrespect to The Packers, but this is too high & Adams is not there. That alone would make me pause before putting them in the top 5. But if anyone can make you eat your words, it's Rodgers.

6. Browns= Terrible....Even with Watson & if he plays. The Browns are very talented & I get that. But Watson hasn't played in a long time. Does he even have chemistry with the players/WR's? They should be ranked as if Mayfield was playing, imo. Cause right now? He has as good a chance to start as Watson does this year. Which might be never.

7. Eagles= I'm not surprised by the ranking, but it's too high. At best, they should be around 12, imo. And even then...that would be way too generous, imo. Point blank? I think they're overrated. 

8. Bengals= Pretty low for them as Burrow is a stud. Very good team. I'd have them in my top 5, but I won't hate on this ranking. Specially considering the SB hangover for the losing team.

9. Chiefs= It's a fair ranking to be honest. I'll be shocked, if K.C. is the 9th best team or better this season. Getting rid of Tyreek Hill was stupid, imo. I think Chiefs will struggle to even make the playoffs. Mahommes is in for a rough year me thinks.

10. Dolphins= I understand why they're ranked this high. I also think Tyreek Hill was a great get. There's only 1 problem? I think Tua is just God awful.  I'm not sure if #20 would be low enough to be honest.  This is easily the worst ranking of the top #10. Followed by Browns & Eagles.

11. Saints= Did Drew Brees unretire? Otherwise, I don't think so...

12. Ravens= I hate this team with every fiber of my being. Did I mention that I really hate this team & John Harbaugh? Having said that, I'm an honest person who's practical when observing football information, rosters, talent, etc. This ranking is too low. They should easily be in the top 10. Harbaugh can coach, Jackson has good chemistry with the team although not the best of passers & they have talent.

13. 49ers= Ok, now it's getting ridiculous. Way too high.

14. Broncos= This is a fair ranking & understandingly so. However, I do think Wilson & the Broncos will be a disaster. No playoffs for Broncos this year. Guarantee it.

15. Colts= No way! They're a bottom 5 team in the league in 2022. Matt Ryan is finished.

16. Cowboys= I'm surprised they're ranked this low actually. Would have figured they would rank #1 with the ESPN slob a dob Cowboy bandwagon jumpers ever off season. Actually, this is a good ranking for them. Seems like I'm not the only one who knows how much losing Amari Cooper & the others will affect them this yr.

17. Commanders= This one shocks me...I'm surprised we're not ranked below Georgia & Wentz worst than Ryan Leaf. It's a fair ranking from PFF.  But with no fault of their own...We're gonna be a top 10 team this year. 

18. Patriots= This one is tough. Is Mac Jones really good, or did he over achieve? Will he get better. This is a good ranking for them.

19. Vikings= Anything below 15 & I'm good with it here. Cousins fails in all aspects of life. Probably should have them ranked 14.5…juuuuuust missing out because of a Cousins pick, or fumble. I'm good with this one. They do have a good team, imo. A different QB on this team & their in my top 10.

20. Titans= I'm surprised to see them this low. In fact....this is too low & I'm not a  Tannehill fan either. Having Henry alone & healthy puts you in my top 14. If he's playing & healthy...? You win. I don't care about trading away Brown, or drafting a WR who gets tired after every route he runs. They have Henry. They're too low & having the Colts ahead of them? Is criminal. In fact, I would flip Titans & Colts & then wonder why the Colts are as high as #20.

21. Raiders= Way too low! They just went from being a Playoff team & Carr proving he's a Franchise QB & then added Devante Adams to the arsenal of weapons they already have. To ranked #21…? That's juuuuuust stupid. Now winning the Division is gonna be tough. Don't get wrong. But I think Raiders are better than the Chiefs & Broncos right now. Only the Chargers should be ranked a head of them, imo.

22. Steelers= If it wasn't for a very good history & good coach, I would rank them lower. This not a very good team, imo.

23. Cardinals= what happen? Did all the Murray drama drop them down to 23…? This team should be ranked higher, imo. Anywhere from 13-19, imo.

24. Jets= Wow! I haven't seen the Jets ranked this high since Ken O'Brien. Why....? Ranked too high. Zack does not impress me Jets fans. I'm sorry.

25. Lions= Too high. Goff is horrible. 

26. Giants= Not a fan of these guys & they're not very good at all. Having said that? I don't think they'll be the 7th worse team in football. I'd definitely have the ranked higher than Lions & Jets above. Giants should be around 22-23ish. So not too far off.

27. Panthers= They have talent & speed, but no QB so I understand the ranking. Trade for Baker Mayfield & these guys would shoot up 10 spots on my board.

28. Jaguars= we play them wk-1 so I hope this ranking is very accurate. Unfortunately, I think they're better than this. They'll improve as the season goes. But they will start out 0-1. 

29. Seahawks= Team will be bad without Wilson. Just not sure they'll be this bad. I understand the ranking, but will Pete Carroll go 4-12 or 5-11? Not so sure about that, but I understand the ranking.

30. Bears= Totally disagree with this ranking. This is my surprise team of the year. I have the Bears in the Playoffs. Top 14 team, yep. I said it. Justin Fields is gonna light it up this year, imo.

31. Falcons= They won't be good, but I don't think they'll be #31 bad. I think Atlanta will win 5 games at least.

32. Texans= Can't disagree. This team is just awful. I think only the Jets & Lions will rival the Texans for the last spot.



Very surprised to see us @#17.

I do not disagree & think that is a generous ranking.

Having said that, I'll give my opinion for each teams ranking in the quote above.

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5 hours ago, BayRaider said:

The problem with PFF is they consider CB as the #2 most important position in football behind QB when they have been proven wrong on this countless times. QB, EDGE, LT, WR, and DT are all more important than CB. 

Team’s CB’s is heavily factored into their roster rankings. 

I mean, if you look at their WAR metric WRs and ERs appear consistently above CB. And there is no ******* way a DT (sans Donald) is more valuable than a boundary CB.

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4 hours ago, aceinthehouse said:

Very surprised to see us @#17.

I do not disagree & think that is a generous ranking.

Having said that, I'll give my opinion for each teams ranking in the quote above.

Yeah, I was surprised to see you guys just one spot behind the Cowboys.

I'm guessing the list isn't weighing positions like QB differently from the others.

I'm sure if they did then Cowboys would be a bit higher than they are and Eagles/Commanders would be a bit lower.

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7 hours ago, BayRaider said:

- Eagles should be much lower.

 I wouldn't have minded if we were in the 9-12 range or so, but I disagree with MUCH lower. Raiders shouldn't be above us. ;)

Assuming they aren't giving positional values like QB a lot more weight than the ranking in the top 8 isn't too crazy. We have a pretty talented team.

PFF graded Jalen Hurts higher (he was like 10th or 11th for them) than most places, so I'm guessing he's probably not dragging down our ranking too much.

I'd argue the Eagles have the most talented starting OL in the league and possibly the best OL depth in the league as well and if not they are close to it.

We are bordering on a top 5 WR corps. I think all our RBs are kinda underrated. Goedert is arguably a top 5 TE. 

As far as defense we probably have one of the best DT rotations with Hargrave, Cox, Davis and Williams (the 4 guaranteed to be on the roster).

Josh Sweat is pretty underrated at DE. Haason Reddick was a nice upgrade to the pass rush. Graham is coming off an achilles so not sure how effective he'll even be  at his age and Barnett while he gets pressures... doesn't get a lot of sacks and gets a bunch of stupid penalties. He frustrates the crap out of us. I imagine Milton Williams will kick out as a DE a decent amount this year with the addition of Davis in the middle. Liked what I saw out of Tarron Jackson in limited snaps as a rookie.

Our LB corp is much improved from last year and is night and day from 2020.

Avonte Maddox was a top 5 nickel corner in the league last year. Darius Slay was a top 3-5 outside CB. He's starting to get up there in age, but we haven't seen a decline yet. Bradberry was a Pro Bowler 2 years ago. Had a bit of a down season last year, but moving from CB1 to CB2 and playing in a more zone heavy scheme should help him. Marcus Epps is an underrated player at safety and we added Tartt who has been solid. Safety is obviously down from when we had Jenkins and McLeod in their primes years ago, but we always were struggling with cornerback and we have probably one of the better trios there in the league.

Edited by TheRealMcCoy
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Do the Dolphins have a top 10 roster? Caught me by surprise.

I think for Pats, 18th is ok. Possibly too high.

Clearly aren't giving any extra weighting to QB, if Cowboys can be 16th, and a team that doesn't know it's QB in the top 10. Also Cards are low.

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5 hours ago, HoboRocket said:

Cardinals Bottom 10? I mean, I get that CB is a massive question mark. 

I don't know about bottom 10, but your offensive line looks ehhh. Ertz can't really beat man coverage that well now. Your RB room is..... yeah. I did like the Ingram pick late for y'all, but he's a late round rookie. You have old *** AJ Green and I'm guessing they aren't that high on Hollywood. Not sure if they are factoring in the fact that Hopkins will be missing over a third of the season with the suspension. I feel like you guys are really relying big time on Kyler to make up for a lot this year.

You lost your best defender in free agency. They aren't high on your DL besides Watt really. They are low on Isaiah Simmons and didn't have Baker graded out too highly olast year. They are low on your cornerbacks. Golden is still good rushing the passer, but did miss a ton of tackles last year... his rate last year was more than double what it was the previous 3 years, so maybe it was an anomaly.  I could see Zaven emerging this year, but not sure there is a ton to be hyped about on that defensive unit.

I think you guys should be a little higher than you are, but Keim/Kingsbury tandem hasn't been great with roster building.

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