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White Bengal


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I'd much prefer the White Tiger look with the white helmets and color rush jersey than the throwback jersey with Bengals on the side of the helmet.  Wouldn't have minded if they inverted the colors and used the darker helmet with the black jersey and black pants, but this makes more sense with the Bengal Tiger theme.


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I've got a bad feeling about this...

All white tigers are inbred. So that opens the door for ridicule. And for the few that are specimens physically worthy of display, so many are born with disabilities or don't survive long because of complications from the lack of genetic diversity. A white helmet could be seen as support of that industry. (As far as I know there aren't any people systematically breeding bengals into a bloodline and using the few white cubs that result to build up viable bloodlines; then rinse, lather, and repeat.)

I don't know if this could be a good looking design, but I think a good variation might be to have white incorporated around the front of the helmet. Tiger faces have a bunch of white. So there could be a bit of white trim, possibly with a stripe in there, that then gets replaced with orange. Idk

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