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Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

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1 hour ago, H2ThaIzzo said:

The guy I want to get back into the first round for is Trey Murphy. He is a dog defensively, can shoot very well and efficiently, and has a lot of upside. If we ended up down the road sending Sexton elsewhere, Okoro could slide into the starting 2 role, and Murphy into the 3 role. I am fine if we can find a way to trade up for Kuminga, but I think getting into the top 10 will be a challenge, though, NOP pretty much gave away their pick for cap relief. I wish one of the teams  drafting 7-15ish needed cap relief and had guys they wanted to get rid of for it. 

Love Trey. He's a dude that isn't gonna be a star, but he has that Mikal Bridges sort of vibe to me. He's gonna be a guy that takes good shots, works within the flow of the offense, and plays hard on defense every night. He would be the perfect fit next to Okoro and Mobley, and I bet he could play the 4 too. 

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3 hours ago, carl_sjunior said:

I'm very confident we stay at #3 and do the right thing and take Mobley, but I'm nervous anyway.

Same. I’m going to be nervous all the way up until I hear “Ehv”. 

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1 hour ago, carl_sjunior said:

But even then, we could still trade his draft rights. I'll feel better when the lottery ends. 

That’s what I’m hoping it the case with Cade. Detroit says they’re selecting him, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they plan on keeping him. 

36 minutes ago, H2ThaIzzo said:

you're not allowed to like Mobley now. 

lol I never didn’t not like Mobley. I definitely think he’s a great player. I just think his best position is at the 5. I think he can be great there. I just think Allen is good enough. We’ll all see tonight. But if we could somehow move Sexton to get back up and take Kuminga that’d be my ideal scenario 

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23 minutes ago, cortes02 said:

The Cavaliers have traded for Rickey Rubio of the Timberwolves for Tauren Prince, a 2nd rounder & cash.


I'm not a huge fan of the trade to be honest.  Maybe they're using Rubio as a trade chip for later tonight?


Woj framed it as US getting the 2nd round pick back. 

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