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Cavaliers Thread: We Don’t Suck Again!


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12 hours ago, AkronsWitness said:

I'm against taking anybody who doesn't stand at least 6'7 and can play on the wing. Isn't Bouknight a PG/SG? 

Talk about a log jam with Sexton/Garland/Okoro/Bouknight

Bouknight would be a SG.

I mean he’s 6’5. That’s not exactly undersized. Unless you think James Harden is too short.

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Just now, candyman93 said:

He’s playing SF, you’re assuming I want Sexland to be a thing. I don’t.

Okoro is undersized at SF. He is 6'4" and looks dwarfed when going against guys like Kawhi. Even Jimmy Butler makes him look small.

I'm just sick of playing people out of position just to try to do this whole 2 PG lineup. Garland needs to start at PG because he's the only player on the roster who can initiate a offense and pass the ball, Okoro needs to start at SG because he is a SG and the Cavs need to draft somebody who is 6'7-6'9 to play SF and bring Sexton off the bench.

That won't happen tho. They are far too committed to playing this dumb 2 PG lineup.

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I agree with Akron. Okoro when guarding SGs/smaller wings is a lock down impact player. When hes guarding guys who are much bigger than him he's just a decent defensive player who sucks at scoring. 


Lotto luck is huge this year. If we get top-4 and can get one of Cade/Green/Mobley we are in business. Impact players + perfect fits. 


If we end up 7 or something I dont even know. I might try and package Sexton + 7 to the Pelicans for Ingram if they'd go for it. 



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3 hours ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

 No it’s a legit concern. He’s too small to guard wings.  when he Sexton and garland are on the floor together he’s forced to guard 3s he looks way over matched. 

If he can’t guard 3’s he’s a bust draft pick and needs replaced.

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15 hours ago, candyman93 said:

Based on what?


You’re too obsessed with height.

Lol based on the fact that he is 6'4" which is either a tall PG, Shooting Guard or undersized SF in a small ball lineup.

I'm obsessed with height because it doesn't matter how good you are at defense when everyone your guarding can just shoot over top of you. I would prefer if the Cavs starting PG,SG and SF didn't get towered over against other teams.

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