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Cavaliers Thread: We Don’t Suck Again!


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13 hours ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

He’s iight. But Allen is looking like a star. 

sexman needs to go 

I knew you’d like him 😎. But for real he’s not there yet. A little more growth and he’s a key piece. 

Allen is looking good. Mobley is a budding star, what’s not to like gif. 

Sexy is hard to figure out. I still say he’s a flipping good sexth man. Err sixth. Love to see his drive in an instant offense role. Will he accept that?  Don’t know and it may be the key if we keep him or not. So what I’d do is let him test FA and match if it benefits us. But I’m positive I just wasted key strokes because you probably don’t care 🥱

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On 11/2/2021 at 1:46 PM, FGK said:

Honestly, unless we move some of the vets (Cedi, Rubio, Love, etc.) soon, I think we're in that #9/10 seed competition this year. We're just weirdly enough built as a team to be a freaky regular season matchup. I could definitely see us winning like 38-43 games and being in the hunt for the play in tournament.

Yeah I agree these cats play hard. I’m almost upset we’re playing this good, I’d really like one more go at the lottery. Looks like it’s semi deep at the three. It’s very possible we’re a really good 2 or 3 away from being a pretty good team. Oh and a coach. 

As a pat myself on the back moment…I easily had Mobley as my numeral uno from this draft. He’s the key cog in this very early look at this year. Take him away from this team and we’re maybe we win one game by now. I’m surprised we’ve won the games we did. I thought we’d be winless this far in. 

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8 hours ago, NateDawg said:

I haven’t watched the Cavs yet this year. Can anyone confirm if they are running 4-5 beanstalks out there or if they’re still playing old school with guards and such? @malibuspeedrace

We need a true scoring wing, but....


Garland has improved. He’s playing like a true PG. Jarrett Allen has been our best player.  Evan Mobley looks really good right now too.



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36 minutes ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

The cavs were better during the lebron era no doubt but for some reason I enjoy watching this team a lot more. Lebron games were very stressful. 

I completely agree with you. This team is just fun to watch 

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