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Cavaliers Thread: We Don’t Suck Again!


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18 minutes ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

 Lauri being out really hurts our spacing. It’s hurting Mobley. Okoro and Stevens aren’t helping with that. 

Yes, but 3 guys with double-doubles and Wade and Rondo providing some spark was enough.

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5 hours ago, roger murdock said:

Can DG make an all NBA team? There are 6 guard spots...

Locks: Steph, Doncic

Near Locks: Harden, Ja

Others: Booker, Paul, Levine, Trae, LaMelo, Mitchell


I think one of the Suns will get one spot. The last ones up for the taking. 

Nah not unless he hits another level. He’ll get there eventually. 

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NBA history:


If you include postseason points, Lebron needs about 5 more games to be the all time leading scorer. 

If you’re a old schooler and consider they play more playoff games in Lebrons era then what Kareem did, Lebron is about 2000 points away from passing Kareem. So he’ll probably get close to 1000 more points this year.


He’s passing Kareem next year.

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