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Cavaliers Thread: We Don’t Suck Again!


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49 minutes ago, AkronsWitness said:

A few guys the mention here Tari Eason, Ochai Agbaji and Malaki Branham.

Like they mentioned here, Branham being the least likely because his skillset brings nothing new to the roster and he is incredibly redundant with Sexton/LeVert on the floor.


Branham is the guy I have seen mocked to us most

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34 minutes ago, big poppa pump said:

Branham is the guy I have seen mocked to us most

Yeah Ive seen that a bunch too, the only question I have with him is (like they mentioned on the pod) is how incredibly redundant he is with LeVert. He doesnt really solve the size on the wing problem or the defense on the perimeter problem which is why they liked Eason a lot more.

Im not going to sit here and act like I know any of these prospects outside the top 5-10, but all I know is that we better find somebody who can bring size/strength/length on the perimeter. That seems to be Eason a lot more than it is Branham from the little that I know.

Eason is a elite athlete with strength and length on the perimeter--that would fit perfectly with what the Cavs dont have right now.

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19 hours ago, candyman93 said:

A name to keep an eye on: Ousmane Dieng.



This would be my target if I were Cleveland.

He would offer the team length, defense that can match 1-4 realistically, and offensive upside. He'd allow us to play him pretty much anywhere from backup point to starting SF as a rookie, depending on how he develops. I like his upside, but I have a feeling he goes much sooner than he's being mocked right now. He's going to rise through the process.

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