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Cavaliers Thread: We Somehow Both Don't and Do Suck


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2 hours ago, candyman93 said:

Lebron is the GOAT. Pretty rare exception.


Warriors had Draymond Green. Hell Jokic did this last year. It doesn’t have to be your best player, but you need dudes with attitude.



If you think they need a goon I wouldn’t argue that, I just don’t think it needs to be the top 3 here.  Those dudes need to be available and composed.

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Most 'tough guys' are fake tough and locker room issues like Brooks, the Morris twins, etc. Draymond potentially threw away a 73 win title run because he couldnt stop punching people in the nuts and then ruined the team chemistry by sucker punching one of their key players from last year for no reason. 


Cavs need to get tougher and more physical but the tough guys are typically impact hot heads who hurt their teams with bad decisions. 

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1 hour ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

Mchale was one of the most boring uncreative coaches in the league. He never should have been a HC. Dantoni turned that team into an offense juggernaut with just one offensive player.

Yeah McHale wasnt a great coach but Harden, fresh off a WCF trip, decided to show up fat and half assed it out there to start the season. That was a team with title aspirations and Harden quit at the very beginning and washed a season down the toilet to prove a point. 


Hardens always been a loser. Talented sure but he does none of the little things winning teams do and hes a bad leader and a choker. This is why him and Embiid are perfect for one another. Both have no accountability or leadership. Both choke. Both are selfish. 

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On 8/19/2023 at 12:45 PM, candyman93 said:

Oh boy…..

This is a must watch


I remember feeling this in game 1 of the finals in 2018 when they overturned the Lebron charge. I don't think the NBA wanted us to lose, but the game was over and it was like they wanted to add another element of drama just to keep the game going.

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2 hours ago, BetterCallSaul said:

A prime Tristan Thompson is exactly what this team needs. 


A now Tristan Thompson is still a good fit, given the positional need and cheap factor.

Tough, smart interior defender is perfect. Also the fact that he is a phenominal veteran leader on the bench means a ton. 

This is a great move even if he only plays garbage time.

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