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Cavaliers Thread: We Somehow Both Don't and Do Suck


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39 minutes ago, brownie man said:

I don't think Gilbert wants to do the Boogie trade

its easy to speak hypotheticals 

trading the Brooklyn pick for Boogie if he doesn't resign is pointless 

there will be some face of franchise players coming out this year the top 5 is nasty

busines decision gotta get a new arena

keep the pick take the top rookie 

Yeah, I think the days of Gilbert pushing every chip into the middle of the table for LeBron are over.

If he resigns then I think he'll be willing to deal the pick/player, but not until then.

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Agreed. I think Cedi and Crowder give us a MASSIVE improvement to our depth at the end of last year. Having them, Rose, and Zizic (assuming he keeps developing) is a really solid bench (Cedi/Crowder for D, Rose for scoring, Zizic for rebounding). Kyrie to Isaiah is definitely a downgrade, but the bench upgrade might make up for it. At this point everyone is just praying for a GS injury anyway, so might as well add some future assets while staying in prime position to compete if GS gets a major injury. 

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