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2022 Official Commanders Training Camp Thread


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20 minutes ago, 4209 said:

@turtle28 what's up with this dude up and down up and down.  I am not counting on him. Anything we get is gravy for me. Brown should have a chance this yr.

You’re asking me? I have no clue. Rivera said it was part of the plan to give him time off or whatever. He said he wasn’t in the shape they needed him to be in right now. I guess we just have to believe what Ron is saying.

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18 minutes ago, 4209 said:

Hmm check this out fellas. This guy looks like he has potential to be a complete back. I knew he had some catching talents but lining up on the outside that says something.

Yeah I read an article either this morning or last night that he was doing well as a receiver which is promising.

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It's become a regular occurrence for Carson Wentzto look fifth-round pick Cole Turner’s way when drills are near the red zone.

That's because the tight end normally finds a way to make catches in the end zone.

Turner (6-foot-6) told reporters after practice that he's done a good job of cutting down on mental mistakes so far during the Washington Commanders' training camp. It's shown up on the field, too, as he's flashed at several points throughout the first seven practices.

It helps that Turner has been spending a lot of extra time with Wentz to get in sync.

"He talks to me a lot about stuff outside of football," Turner said. "So I think we've kind of built a little bit of a chemistry off the field, and it's translated on the field."

Wentz remembers every single play, Turner said, and he will discuss it with his teammates on the sideline. He provides tips on how he would like the route to be run by the pass-catcher, which has been helpful as Turner learns the offense.

It's not all about football, though. There was a moment today where Wentz and Turner were chatting on the sideline. Turner doesn't remember what the exchange was, but he's sure it was something funny.

"He's a jokester, so it's good to be around him," Turner said with a laugh.‘“

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“Very happy with it. You see a lot of good and positive things from Jamin right now. He’s much more comfortable with what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. He’s picked up the way we do things in terms of reads and drops. Reading through his drops and understanding the concepts is really big and he’s done a nice job with that. So very pleased with that. As with [LB] Cole [Holcomb], he has done a nice job stepping into the Mike [MLB] position from the start. Last year he was more a Will [OLB] for us. Then when JB [form Washington LB Jon Bostic] got injured we moved him to the Mike [MLB] and he really showed very well. Now’s an opportunity to work on that skill set and he’s done a very good job. When [LB David] Mayo’s gotten his opportunity. Dave’s a big physical guy. Today was a good day for Dave. We did a lot of our big defensive stuff. So he got an opportunity.”

Identifying run lanes and covering guys:

“That’s basically it. Understanding the fits a lot better than he did last year. As I said, understanding how to read the progressions of the route combinations in front of him.” 


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“[David] solid vet always knows what he is supposed to do and then Jamin he’s progressing a lot I think, I’m proud of where Jamin’s at, I’m happy where he is at. And I think he’s giving me a lot of confidence, you know, I don’t have to worry about him. I don’t have to think about him, he’s out there and he knows what he is doing.”



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39 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

What has me very nervous is how poor Wentz seems to be doing in camp.

Is this an in person take? Havent seen anything that suggested he is having a poor camp. (I am also not a local so I dont get local news/media outlets info)


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17 hours ago, e16bball said:

I was not a fan of Cole Turner following the draft.

It’s looking, from early returns, like I missed the boat entirely.

I will happily eat that one if I was wrong.

Logan Paulsen just said on Grant & Danny said that Cole Turner is their 2nd most impressive weapon out there so far. 

He said Hodges has impressed as well and he expects Hodges to make the team.

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