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2022 Official Commanders Training Camp Thread


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7 hours ago, lavar703 said:

I think Carson is what he is. I want him to do well because of the massive amount of crap he's taken but my guess is we'll get a similar result as the Colts. I honestly think he ends up spending just one year here and they don't pick up his remaining years. Not saying Howell will take over but either way I don't expect Wentz to be the starter after this season. 

I think what Carson was last year & in 2019 is his floor unless the whole offense around him is injured like in 2020.

His Ceiling is obviously how he played in 2017 before he tore his ACL. I think his norm, if he has a good OL & good weapons is like his 2018 season:

65-69%, 4200-4500 yds, 30-35 TDs, 10 ints, 100-105 rtg


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10 hours ago, ovfd55 said:

Also taking reps vs 1 is prob scout team Reps and Howell is more like Lawerance then Heincke is.

It is, John Keim explains that in a tweet yesterday afternoon bc naturally people on Twitter over Blew this to mean that Heinicke had lost the back up job to Howell.

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21 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

I dunno where else to put this

Definitely true. I remember way back when people just blamed it on the pass rush & or the 3-4. It’s always been about the lack of talent at at least 3 of the back 7, if not more. Guys are making mistakes or, they’re just not capable & the front office refuses to upgrade them/is complacent in doing so. We haven’t had a great slot corner or FS since Gregg Williams was our def coord. We haven’t had a great LB since Fletcher retired & he never played with an above average LB next to him. 

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The asinine stubbornness to dip there toes in the free agency bucket for LBs is infuriating. AJ Johnson immediately makes this defense better allowing Holcomb and Davis to use their speed on the outside. I just don’t understand why they won’t do this? 

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1 hour ago, ARTMONK HOF said:

I don’t want to see Dotson as KR or PR. He’s not built to take punishment like that, not a risk I would take. 

I want the best players with the ball in their hands as much as possible. Injuries happen, it’s football, so so be it whenever it does. If he’s the best round return option we have then he should be the punt returner.

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